Liberals if you hate capitalism, why do you watch Super Bowl commercials?



Liberals don't watch actual games. They just watch protests.

Mir Quasem

Wrong conception.


Liberalism is not an anti-capitalist position by any stretch. In fact, liberals are by definition strong proponents of capitalism and are among capitalism's strongest defenders. I don't see the point you're trying to make here.

Doc Awesome

They don't "hate" capitalism per se, all their rulers practice it, at least the crony version of it. They hate people who their rulers label "dangerous" many of whom happen to champion the free-market form of capitalism which they despise.

Justin Thyme

Hmmmmmm, good point, lol.


I don't hate capitalism.

Obi Wan Knievel

Liberals don't hate capitalism, dummy. You're a victim of group-think, and you're confusing liberals with communists. Not the same thing.


I don't hate capitalism, but I do hate football, so I won't be watching any goddamn Super Bowl commercials. -Your Friendly Neighborhood Liberal P.S. I hate commercials, too. I DVR everything I want to watch just so I can fast-forward through them.


Good story bro


We don't hate capitalism, dear. Don't be ridiculous. As for Superbowl commercials, I don't watch the Superbowl these days. I used to, when a friend made the highlights films for NFL Films, but he retired. Even my husband mutes the commercials. They're annoying.