Was it possible that he became obsessed with me because of the spell?

I need some one to give their opinion. I had an obsession spell cast done. After searching the internet, of many scammers and con artists, I believe I found what I would say is genuine witch.who's experienced and knowledgeable and know what they're doing. i think that i've seen manifestations occurring towards my boyfriend and he has became more obsessed with me I actually believe in love spells and think magick does work. Did anyone tried this witch and had positive results and success, please tell me what you think. I don't want dumb ignorant answers. and I asked the question again to see more answers I'm looking for genuine help here. Thanks! and for those who is wondering where i found the spell caster it was bewitchingrealms.com

Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods

Magic is not real. Not white, black, grey, red, blue, or green. There are no "schools" of magic. No book, item, ritual, or being can grant you imaginary "powers" - if that was so then the U.S. Government would have these people under lock and key and would be using them as living weapons. No amount of chanting or performing made up "rituals" can alter, affect, or cause any documentable changes or results in Reality. There is no nebulous energy field capable of altering or changing reality or the physical world. If there was such a energy source we would see the results and effects, much the same way we can see the results of electricity – consistent, repeatable, objective effects. Energy follows repeatable patterns that can be observed, documented, and predicted. No amount of wand-waving, circle-drawing, crystal-gazing, candle-lighting, athame-wielding, incense-burning, spell-chanting ritual nonsense can cause a single objective effect. If “magic” was real, and the ability to use it was hereditary, then at the least it would be passed down via Mendelian genetics, expressing 25% of the time – meaning that 1.7 BILLION of the human population would carry the gene. Even if a thousandth of that number expressed the trait actively it would mean over 1.7 MILLION “magic-users” running around and we would have objective, documentable evidence of the existence of “magic”. No such evidence exists. There is no energy field capable of altering reality on a whim. Sorry to make people face the facts, but not one "spell", of any "type" can cause even the smallest objective alteration to Reality. Coincidental results are nothing but wishful thinking and rationalization. Rhymes are not spells. If any random collection of rhyming words created magical effects, then ALL songs would be causing magical havoc anytime anyone sang them with emotion and conviction. Words have power, yes – the power to cause us to think, to choose, to decide, to consider, to change our minds. They do not cause “magic”. There are no such things as “magic spells”. If there were we would see their effects everywhere, everyday. People all over the world would be causing near random effects everywhere just from talking, or screaming, or arguing, or singing. Words are not magic. No amount of emotion, feeling, conviction, willpower, anything – can cause any collection of rhyming or non-rhyming words to create any kind of magical effect or result. Magic isn’t real. If magic was real, like any form of energy we would be able to measure its effects by observation, documentation, testing/experimentation, and comparison of accumulated results for consistency, like any real form of energy. Electricity is real – even though we cannot see it, because it acts the same way, consistently, according to the laws of Energy, and produces the same results over and over and over and over again ad infinitum. If I flip my light switch 1 million times, the light comes on everytime, unless the power is off or my bulb burns out. No evidence exists to even support a hypothesis of “magic”, let alone a working theory. None. And not ONE person giving me thumbs down can provide objective arguments supported by factual data to refute any point I have made. Magic is not real.


<I actually believe in love spells and think magick does work.> Yeah, I remember going through that phase when I was 14 also. You'll get over it. Magical thinking is the same as wishful thinking. It doesn't change reality. You're fooling yourself. You see 'changes' because that's what you want to see. That's simple confirmation bias. . .


a fool is born eveyday..such as yourself


Manupulate other from spell is bad karma. It will not bring true happiness. Witch craft is bad karma. Magic is bad karma.