What is the difference between bullies like Trump or liberals?

If the politic section is a microcosm of the real world, then we all can see who the REAL bullies are. DEMOCRATS DONT YOU DARE FOR ONE SECODN TELL ANY OF US THAT somertime blueninja lilli lolly sadrat DONT COLLUDE WITH EACH other and hurt good people on this site. they are the reason why yahoo went down in flames. watch this question vanish, just like all the other good questions about democracy./ sure thang SMH coffe mug, you are not liked, or even heard around here. you will be painfully reminded that bullyism will be squashed out like bell bottom jeans, SMH-hide behind your BULLSHEIT lies-- you guys then put up photos of lynchings, fake hate crimes, womans vaginas..but that's ok, as long as your warped mind says its so. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM


this post really hit home for me. when a few get to try and control the masses, that's when revolts begin.


You are spot on my friend. These people can all dish it out but they can't take it. They are all very smug and self righteous. You left out Armchair Godless.

Armchair Goddess #1

Quite a few family-oriented Democrats had something the right-wing authoritarian-reared Republicans failed to get from their parents: unconditional positive regard. We Democrats are able to have a positive self-image based upon our upbringing and our own inner confidence, but insecure extremists cannot say the same. Bullies are not prone to bullying from a sense of or position of strength. Quite the contrary. Liberalism is defined as follows (taken from "Lecture At Yale University"): "By liberalism I don't mean the creed of any party or any century. I mean a generosity of spirit, a tolerance for others, an effort to comprehend otherness, a high ideal for the dignity and value of humanity, a commitment to the rule of law, a repugnance for authoritarianism, and a love of freedom." Somewhere in his early childhood, perhaps due to having an austere and emotionally distant slumlord (corrupt) father, Donald Trump came to the wrong believe that "money is power"---as a substitute for his own lack of any personal sense of self-worth. Born rich, toddler Trump never had an opportunity to find or experience real love for his true self, and probably did not even have a way to figure out what his "true self" was, since trying to please a highly critical ruthless mobbed-up father never happened. To get acceptance or approval from KKK member and corrupt mobbed up slumlord tycoon Fred Trump, child Trump tried to emulate his dad in order to please an unpleasable dad and, in so doing, Donald Trump never did find his own substance or core belief system. This has produced the EDEN SNAKE of modern-day Trump who has no moral compass and no sense of right or wrong---a malignantly narcissistic, deeply insecure, without conscience sociopath who relies on sparking fear when rejected on every other social level.

John W

More proof that conservatives are delusional as well as hilarious.


oath let me down. demoralized us all.


Thank you for this post, you are a solid American and a Patriot!


This is a good question about democracy? Could of fooled me.


Get off your soapbox and stop whinging.


They aren't the President of the US.

SMH Corp

This isn't a "good question about democracy". It's a question written to insult no fewer than 5 other users based on your own mindless paranoia. When it vanishes, it will be because it was reported for violating the Community Guidelines. EDIT: Two updates specifically targeting and attacking me. Tell me again how the other side are the real bullies?


Yeah, we can. Ignorant *** Donald Trump.