Why do psychics charge people money?

they could easily just bet in the prediction market or on horses, or lottery. I am beginning to think some of them might be frauds


All psychics are frauds. If they were for real, they would buy lottery tix on a daily basis.


same reason ministers take peoples money it is a con

Obi Wan Knievel

Because they're paid entertainers, that's why. It's the same reason actors and musicians get paid. Take a look at any fortune teller's website, or their advertising, and you'll see that they aren't frauds. They have a disclaimer that says "for entertainment purposes only", and the smart ones even have their customers sign a copy before any money changes hands. If people still want to believe the fortune teller actually has psychic powers, that's not the psychic's fault.


People are gullible. There is no evidence anywhere that anyone has ever had any form of psychic ability but that does not stop people believing them. Psychics fall into two groups, the deluded and the charlatans. You can pick which is which easily, the charlatans want money.

Med 10

They have to get paid something for scamming you out of your money.


It's no worse than churches fleecing their members to the tune of 10%.