Abusive men don’t like a woman who “has t all together”?

Whats the reason abusers hate women who have their own place, car and job?

Nacho the Great

Abusers often foster dependence in an attempt to secure a "long term" victim.


Because they can't control them.




Abusers tend to seek out those with rough lives and low self esteem because successful people don't hesitate to call the police and press charges.


No... Many abusive men and women like for their victim to have money. Place of their own = place I can abuse them without interference from roommates/family. Car = car I can borrow for long stretches. Abusive men and women often target people they believe they can control and isolate. That MAY involve the victim not working, but it may not. In plenty of instances, an abuser enjoys the extra income their victim's job brings.