How can whites claim "WHITES ARE SUPERIOR" when they lose at everything but being BRUTAL, and if that s it they can keep the title?

....They have claimed other races land while killing off it s people,they have stolen their identity and heritage while stealing all of their natural resources, they have kidnapped and forced Africans to work the land after they realized that they themselves were To fragile and INFERIOR to work in the land they stole (they should have thought of that first!....go back to your cold damp caves)... SO JUST WHAT ARE THEY SUPERIOR AT EXCEPT DESTRUCTION?......THEY SET UP LAWS LIKE JIM CROW AND SEGREGATION THAT ONLY BENEFITED THEM, THEY DENIED MINORITIES GOOD PAYING JOBS THAT THEY WERE COMPETENT OF,THEY HING AND KILLED IF WE FOUGHT BACK AND YET THEY TALK ABOUT THE PLAYING FIELD IS FAIR...HAHAHA!..PURE EVIL!


I NEVER said that.


*asked using technology created by white people*


Do please point out these whites who claim that (and no, the fringy weirdos online don't count). If you're going to generalize it has to at least be a majority of the group you're talking about.


YOU are the racist because you mentioned that you feel whites to be inferior to x (what ever you think is "superior"). Your rant completely over looks the fact that "whites"(of European ancestry) invented the car, the airplane, the light bulb, electric wiring for utilities, the telephone, the computer, and so much more. It's people like you that cause the divide and drive for segregation because who in the he'll wants to hear your racist rant till yer blue in the face?(rhetorical)


You know, it was white people who explored the world, and it was white people who dominated the world for generations, and it is white people who are letting all that go in order to somehow make non whites feel as though they are superior in some way. Just remember; Black is beautiful Tan is grand But white is the color Of the big boss man.


Whites are culturally, morally, aesthetically and creatively superior to non whites. Non whites have caused the most genocides, wars and destruction. Non white countries are the biggest polluters in the world. Non white countries have the highest deforestation and most endangered species. The Chinese invented the first gun and bomb (not just gunpowder you lying piece of non white sh*t). Jews invented the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. Mongols killed 20% of the global population. That's akin to 1 BILLION today. Blacks have no f*cking culture and never did. Slavery is a non white invention you stupid n*gger. Non whites enslaved whites first. Again. Whites are culturally, morally, aesthetically and creatively superior to non whites.