Is weed too strong these days? Asking the old hippies?

Throughout high school I smoked a lot, not just in terms of the weight but how often. I was known as the stoner kid, didn’t like that though. Things changed though when I went to college. Smoking a single joint would have me pretty stoned, and I realized that what I was doing in high school was nothing. My dad was a stoner back in the 70’s and he told me weed culture back then and weed itself was completely different. Nowadays it seems like the goal is to get to the point where you can’t even move from your couch, and too me that’s not fun at all. One of my dads close friends was starting to smoke again after years of not and said he just couldn’t handle the new stuff and resorted to just hitting and bowl. Is it that much different from back then? Do y’all think the weed today might be too strong for a beginner to get into and enjoy?


It's a lot stronger than it used to be. Scientific studies have shown that. Negative psychological consequences could therefore conceivably be magnified. In other words, you can validly make that point.


For me it is, reminds of Seconal from the old days.


Friends grew pot at home in the 60s and 70s, that seemed to be as strong as what I buy from CA's legal dispensaries. Opinion! No way to prove it one way or the other.


Im in my early forties and can no longer smoke. It got worse every year. When I started in my early twenties, people who were in their forties then told me when you get older you don't get so high. Well starting about 12 years ago I just kept getting higher and higher. When I stop I get withdraw, never used to be like that. The pot going around is way too strong.


It can be, but it depends on the strain. That’s why legalized weed is a good thing. In the dispensaries, you can see exactly how potent it is by looking at the THC content. If you want less potent weed, look for high CBD and low THC. When I was young I could smoke anybody under the table. But as I got older I realized that it’s not smart to do business with illegal drug dealers. They’re power hungry criminals who don’t care about ethics or morals. So I quit smoking. Last year I helped a friend move to a state where weed is legal and when we got there a relative of his smoked some extremely potent weed with me and I got such a head rush after only 3 hits that I literally fell to the floor, all twitching and I couldn’t get up until it had passed. That was way too strong.


Yes. Selective breeding has concentrated on developing the potency rather than the chill out. So now after a few tokes one is zonked!