So it's Now Bad To Be Color Blind? What is a White Person To Do Today?

First we were told it was bad to see color. Now we are told it's bad not to see color, that it is in some way even worse. What is a White person to do? In the gay community white people are not even allowed to have a racial preference, because as White gay men their preference is White 98% of the time and that upsets black and Mexican or Arab guys on Grinder. Get real! So What!!!! Get over yourselves. Now black women blame White Women because black men only want to date White females and refuse to date dark skinned black women or black women period. What do you want us White people to do for you now black people, because I am sure it's our fault?


What IS a White Person To Do Today? good question. I suggest you continue to whine every day about blacks, Mexicans, Arabs and gay people. that might improve your life.


In most cases the people railing against you for your race just want you to apologize and feel bad. They don't really want any solution to racial conflict, only to inflict psychic pain onto those they perceive benefitted from societal mistakes of the past.


according to democrats you have to admit to being privileged, and "repent" for what they perceive to be past "sins".

Not You

This looks like you're having an argument with yourself, and you're not even winning.

Capitalist Dingo

Sexual preferences are a very personal thing. The fact that these people think they have a right to dictate someone else's attraction shows their lack of decent character.


I think Golden Corral is hiring, check it out