Society’s values changed? Why?

People used to get married, get a job, buy a nice home and then have a child What happened to society?


demons are stalking Earth seeking whom they may devour.


Those things became increasingly expensive and when you grow up knowing you probably can't afford the standard suburban lifestyle you tend to just make other plans.


Society realized there are many different ways to happily live one’s life.


The finding a decent job that would allow everyone to buy a nice home bit has changed.

Word to the Wise

Nothing happened. People still do those things.


Life is sh*t and most people can’t afford anything because it’s a f*cked up world.

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Hi it has become fragmented by education. women wanting more and expecting more so they destroy what they have by divorce.

ravenhill the blacksmith 1043A.D

society has gone downhill and changed for the worse.

Pearl L

nothing, people are still doing that


That type of social construct depended on relative long, stable employment stints. Technology and employers have created such instability that people feel they need to constantly adapt and change to stay afloat, and a stable, reliable paycheck is gone for most. Naturally, people can’t make long-term commitments like starting a family or buying a home that readily any more.


People change and evolve. Also, people have been taught differently, and believe different things, and those things mixed. Also, people just don't believe in God anymore, at all, let alone the God of the Bible, so things deteriorated from there. And, people don't care anymore. People don't want to marry anymore. People aren't impressed by others anymore, to be able to get nice jobs (employers hire who they will hire). People don't want children anymore. People are just happy to have a roof over their head, now, whether it's a nice house, or a small apartment. People just don't care.