What’s the word called again?

My friend told me of a word, probably used in psychology. It is used to describe a suggestive brainwashing technique used especially in the Simpson. Where the display something on television to prepare the minds of the people to be pacified to an idea., and then make it happen.. making it seem like they predicted the future even though it was planned? It’s currently being used by evil people to pacify them to the plans they have in line to make new world order. They’re going to introduce one-world currency, and they’re going to say it’s to reduce crime, but it’s actually going to be used to control everybody. The lie is a suggestive plane to make it seem like it would create peace, even know they’re secretly conspiring to control people. Jess,if you pay attention to current vents, you will see these events unfold especially the one with the one world currency plan. When you see them call for one world currency, remember this, and then vote against it.


Are you referring to subliminal imagery? It's currently illegal. As for the rest of that paranoid rant about single currencies and mind-control, it's just that; paranoia.


It’s called predictive programming.


I think the word is "conditioning". Not sure about all the other stuff you said...