Will Italy still exist in the next century ?

I'm afraid not. Italy is one of the countries with the lowest birth rate in the world.... If things do not change within the next decade Italians will be doomed in just a few generations. The world is going to lose one of the nations that gave the most about culture, hIstory, language, cuisine etc the world is going to lose one of the countries with the most beautiful women on earth.... (Annalisa, Italian singer, in the picture) Any hope this won't happen ? Maybe a cultural miracle that brings back large families ?

Anne Arkey

Not to worry. Immigrants are taking up their birth slack. Pretty soon there will be no "native" cultures left in any place in Europe.


Probably only if it accepts more immigration.


Well, maybe not Venice.


Sure, unless its parts separate from eachother. the birthrate is the least of their problems. There's poverty, corruption, and a populace so brainwashed that they elected guys like Berlusconi!


It has existed since Romulus and Remus suckled at their wolf mom. It will endure