Are Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to question Jesus or their God Jehovah or do they just believe on Jesus without thought?



Yeah, if they want to get disowned


cults usually involve brainwashing so they believe what they are told...


Yes, they can ask Jehovah any question in the name of Jesus. This shows that we respect Jesus position and that we have faith in his ransom sacrifice. - John 14:16; 1 John 2:1,2.

ღAmayAღ (Pond)

There's not that much talk about Jesus. It is all about Jehovah. And the demands of Jehovah, of course..? Equal the demands of the organization, to a tee. Those lines start to blur pretty damn fast, when you get in. And I've even seen those concepts being used synonymously, and interchangeably, on occasion. Perhaps intentionally. Or perhaps because someone slipped up. It's hard to know… Either way? There is basically no difference, in a devout JWs mind, between disobeying the Watchtower and disobeying Jehovah. Which.. I somewhat suspect that's why so many ex-JWs become atheists, upon leaving. (John Cedars being a prime example of this.) Because their concept of God has been inextricably tied up with their concept of the organization itself! So that doubting and abandoning one..? Also means abandoning the other. And they have to just leave it all behind. Unless they find a different way of seeing it, of course.. There's one former JW on YouTube who became a Pagan, and I think Wiccan. While quite a few others find Jesus, and get "saved" in the normal Christian way. Being really upset at how Watchtower has corrupted and exploited the concept of that. Like.. Mike and Kim on YouTube, for instance.


They can question anything EXCEPT their Elders Actions.