I accidentally ripped up a small picture of Jesus when I was doubtful about his protection. I SEIOUSLY HOPE HE FORGIVES ME! HELP!!!?



I very much doubt that Jesus ever had his picture taken.

Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods

The modern imagery of "Jesus" is actually the face of Cesare Borgia …. and you REALLY need to look that guy up and read about him and his whole family.....


If you accidentally ripped it up, it's not a problem. It's not even really a picture of Jesus. But if you ripped it up angrily, as if to show what you would want to do to Jesus, then that's an issue. But the good news is that our Father loves us and knows we sometimes get angry and act stupid. He doesn't want you to lose your salvation over a silly moment of passion. Apologize in prayer and move on. Our Father will forgive you because he loves you so much.

Handsome Devil

Don't worry; if you're truly serious about it your imaginary friend will forgive you.


. You are going to burn in HELLLLLLLL!!!!!!


Jesus will NEVER forgive you for that! You are doomed to suffer eternal torment and punishment for your unforgivable sin. Shame on you!


That's the Holy Spirit working on you `hun! Repent and be saved. ;-)


First, accidents are not sin -- sins are only things a person knows is wrong to do and that they do intentionally. (and for that matter, it's not the printed paper that matters, but your own attitude) Next, all sin, even at times after conversion, and need only to confess (sincerely) in order to be forgiven! -- 1rst John chapter 1, verses 8-10


atheist trolling ....................................................................

Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

That'image has no value, that is called idolatry! Jesus lives, and if you do not you convert to his law, thou shalt die with your sins, and they shall condemn thee to'hell!