Religion and spirituality who was the first person mentioned in the Bible to make dumplings? see the details?

Yes friend there is actually a Bible story where are you man made some stew from some native gourds and plants and he served it up and his friends oh it's so bad that it tastes like death! So the man threw some flour into the pot which of course turned into dumplings. Who was that man?


Most people incorrectly will tell you it was Elisha but the real answer is that it was Joshua.


Eve, according to the babble she was the first woman.

Annsan_In_Him: The account is in 2 Kings 4

The account is in 2 Kings 4:38-44, and Elisha was the prophet who God worked through to make the stew fit to eat. This was at a time of famine. If you read the whole account, you then learn that the same day a man brought him a sack of grain and 20 barley bread loaves. Elisha commanded that 100 people get the food to eat: "For this is what the Lord says, Everyone will eat and there will even be some left over." And so it was. This pointed to the coming Messiah who would feed thousands with just a few small fish and a few small barley loaves. See Matthew 14:15-21: 15:32-38.


That would be Elisha.