There are a multitude amount of Christian denominations, how do you know if you have chosen the right one?



I rejected all of them, and just go with the Bible. If that makes me "a denomination unto myself", I'm fine with that. Call me that if you like. I stand alone with Jesus, and I know in Whom I have believed (2 Timothy1:12).

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I have a Bible. That’s my authority. We do the home church thing. You can have your denominations. From what I can see, they are all starting to compromise.

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Jesus didn't mention any of them, and Paul wrote against the denominations that were forming in his day. I find one might avoid a whole lot of interpretational error by forming their own ideas about what scripture means, asking God for help to understand them, being flexible, and then you might notice that no denomination has it absolutely right. Keep yourself open to what God is trying to say, rather than what a Pope or Luther or someone else has to say. Being honest about it helps most.


We all know only faith in Christ, risen, can save. A denomination that is mostly correct in practices, though, can help make the church more peaceful, and help some to avoid tripping as often as they might otherwise. To learn which denominations are more doing as Christ said, the only source you can 100% trust is Christ Jesus Himself, right? So you read the gospel accounts to listen to His words, and then you begin to know what to look for, such as for example (one of several) John 13:35. But to really understand well, and to follow Him, you need to listen to all He said, much more than only a few verses. Once you do, you will learn that most mainstream denominations are ok, and it's more about picking an individual church that locally has enough people in that congregation that believe and follow Him. In the end though, it's not a trust in your pastor or your local church that saves, but instead it's to trust in and follow Jesus, His words, to put into practice as He has said to us.

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The Bible condemns such denominational division (1Cor 1:10-13; Eph 4:3). So you don't join one. You study the Bible and look for a church that matches up to it. For example, if a church commands to abstain from certain foods (e.g. JWs and Catholics), that's a dead giveaway they are not Christ's true church (1Tim 4:1-3). If they preach OT giving (the tithe, ten percent; e.g. LDS), that's also a dead giveaway they are not Christ's true church (Gal 5:4). When they preach gospel, do they preach that he who believes and is NOT baptized shall be saved (most Protestant churches)? If so, that's another dead giveaway that they are not Christ's true church (Mk 16:15-16). It sometimes takes some effort to locate Christ's true church, and a willingness to go by what the Bible actually says rather than what you wish it said.


You don't know. If people knew, there would only be one denomination.


Being in a certain denomination doesn't matter. Being immersed in the Holy Spirit does..


They’re all partially “right” so it doesn’t really matter.


IF U ARE IN A TRINITY CHURCH YOU ARE OK...GOD IS IN ALL TRINITY CHURCHES...U CAN pick which one you like the most. I like Methodist.


Catholic and Orthodox are the historical and mainstream Christians and can trace their roots to Jesus Christ I won't trust anything else


The roman catholic church is the one true church of jesus. Follow that denomination and you can be sure to not be led astray