Why do people claim that those who wrote the Bible couldn't be alive when Jesus was? Wouldn't someone who was about 70, have been there?


Anne Arkey

Most of the New Testament was written long after Jesus was dead....some as long as 150 years after.


Jesus wasn't. He is a conjured character designed for a nefarious purpose. Nobody was "there", not even Jesus.


Dr Warren Carroll PhD, the great historian makes a great case for 90 years being the scope of somebody knowing whether Jesus was correctly described


The original Greek NT gospels were unsigned, 'Jesus' is a fictional character parodying the Roman-Jewish war. The writers never heard any itinerant rabbi preaching in Aramaic.


The people that wrote the Bible what is the Roman Catholic Church over two hundred and seventy years after the last apostle had died. The entire Bible came about as a result of the apostle Paul otherwise known as Saul of Tarsus at his trial and the evidence that he had court recorded.


Wouldn't someone who was about 70, have been there? - Possibly, but then few people lived beyond 40 back then.

Ernest S

People will claim anything in an attempt to undermine the Bible and refuse accountability.


The anonymous NT authors wrote in Greek NOT Aramaic, indicating they were NOT Jews, but early converts of Paul who himself never met Jesus. In other words the NT books are the works of Non-Jew converts who never knew, spoke with, heard, or received training from any Jew by the name of Jesus. Rolls eyes


Not many folks reached 70 years old in Biblical times.

Kathy Smith



Jesus preached from 29 C. E. to 33 C. E. His apostle John wrote his gospel and letters about 98 C. E. at the age of about 100, so he was in his early 30's when he was called to be an apostle. Matthew was a working man so he was still a young man. He wrote his gospel in 41 C. E. But it does not matter when these eye witnesses to Jesus' ministry wrote down what they saw an experienced. They remembered these things because they made a vivid impression on their minds. With the inspirational help of God’s spirit they were able to recall them in crisp clarity. John 14:26 But the helper, the holy spirit, which the Father will send in my name, that one will teach you all things and bring back to your minds all the things I told you. The Bible writers Mark and Luke were not among those who heard Jesus speak. Yet the information they wrote in their books was an accurate record of what happened. They were able to gather much of it from people who had heard him. These people were interested in his teachings and had made it a point to remember them. In view of the fact that many men since the days of the Bible writers have had remarkable memories it should not seem incredible that the Bible writers were able to recall the many details they wrote down. Remember, too, they had God’s inspiring spirit to sharpen their minds.


top five biblical lifespan. / yrs....5 seth / 912.. 4 adam / 930 ...3 noah / 950.... 2 jared / 962 ....1 methuselah / 969


Because it's true in regard to the old testament.