Why does Jeff fear me so he blocks me?



Perhaps it's not fear but simply dislike. Have you ever given Jeff a reason to dislike you?

Evangilizing The Lost

I'm no Jeff fan, but you can't call out others.


You must be the worst type of troll for him to block you..


You can dish it but can't take it. We already know this. LOL, this ain't Jeff, snowflake.


I don't know. Ask Jeff. Jeff might know. Jeff might have the answer you want.


He probably blocks you because you ask vulgar questions about him, suggesting he was sexually abused as a child. It takes a special kind of perverted idiot to joke about child sexual abuse.

Nerdy Keith

But you’re doing the same by calling him out. A little hypocritical don’t you think?

The Football God

Wait, we're supposed to remember those that block us? I'm doing this wrong.


You're a sock puppet of Logan. Jeff just calls it like he sees it, Jacob. Jeff is a cyber bully who preys on weak people. If you give him a fitting reply, he gets back under his bridge Logan · 1 hour ago 3 Thumbs up 5 Thumbs down 1 comment Exactly! Nightwolf · 1 hour ago


Maybe he is tired of being hated on by you


ahhh.. thats such bad taboo to call out other users in questions.

No Chance Without Jesus

Jeff is a bitter old man.


Typical Atheist coward. They will later claim you blocked them.


I would fiip the moron the finger and forget about him. He's on his way to the hanging noose , don't delay him.


Wow Someone surely has lots of sock-puppets look how Juli and Keith got 5 thumbs up in 1 minute.