Will Homersexuals say "D'oh" when they get sentenced to Hell?



Hell doesn't exist any more than Homer Simpson does (fiction can be a good device for humour though).


SOME ARE BEING SAVED SO TRY not to be negative. Anyone failing Judgment will cry according to Bible.


Why would they be sent to Hell? Is it a sin to be Homosexual?


I will leave the judging to him.


No, but something like it, they will wait and weep and gnash their teeth for sure, if only men would listen to the prophets and learn from the missionaries what is the plan of salvation, but rather men listen to carnal teachers and satanic lies and they are misguided by false precepts and abominable Creed's


Well hell is as real as Homer so why not.

Handsome Devil

That's just as likely as you crying because Tinkerbell won't sprinkle you with fairy dust so you can fly when you get to Never-Never Land.


Doubt anyone on earth will say "d'oh", but instead, many who haven't obeyed Christ (such as His command not to try to judge others' souls) will "mourn" -- Revelation chapter 1.


I don't know what you mean by "D'oh" but as hell doesn't exist, no-one will ever go there.


LOL. Will Christians say " oh f^ck, I must have chosen the wrong denomination" when they go to hell?

Christian sinner

Homosexuals who know the Gospel also know that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Non Homosexuals better mind their own trespasses and sins.