Is it true the queen plans to have a viking funeral?


Helen Heels

HM had wanted to go down with The Royal Yacht. But, by no fault of her own, the people who paid for the boat didn't want to see the Camilla woman, an actress, an assortment of junkies like Lord Frederick, and all their hangers-on sailing around on it. Can't say I blame them, really. The Royal Yacht has been made into a Starbucks and bowling alley or something. It's a shame. It would've left Diana's funeral in the dust, ratings wise.

Sir Prince Kenny

Red sails in the sunset and all that jazz? I can see it now, setting off down the Grand Union Canal.


The protocols for the Queen's funeral were laid down centuries ago. Vikings don't come into it.



Clo G.-B.

No. The Queen has planned for a State Funeral.


Work it out for yourself troll the Vikings left britian years ago


Since she is German, she should have a German burial

The Football God

Neal Patrick Harris died?