Why do you think that so many people are obsessed with where Prince Harry's wife will give birth?

Do some seem to think she is not a fit person to give birth in the hospital where Prince William's wife gave birth? Some articles seem to be suggesting this. One would think that some members of the Royal family were Gods rather than mere mortals.

Sir Prince Kenny

I wasn't aware that people are obsessed, it had certainly never crossed my mind. Why would people be obsessed about where a baby is born?


cause they have boring lives hence they gotta take interest in other peoples lives


Why are so many people trying to set one against the other? They are both married to royal princes, they are both pretty, they will both be very privileged in their new lives, they will never go hungry (unless there is another revolution as happened in Russia). What do people see about Kate that makes you think some might think that she is more of a 'fit' person than he new sister-in-law. They are both now members of our royal family, they were both commoners before marriage just as is the husband of Princess Ann, the wife of Prince Charles, the wife of Princes Andrew and Edward. What exactly are YOU getting at here? Care to explain? Are you sure this is about 'so many people' or is this actually your obsession?

I Call It Like I See It

They have nothing better to do than to live vicariously through other people. I think it's sad that they don't have anything better to do.

Clo G.-B.

It's just a matter of interest. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Viscountess Severn, The Princess Edward, used the hospital for the births of her two children. The hospital just happens to be located closed to Frogmore Cottage. There is no implication of it being a lesser hospital--that is your opinion.


I wasn't aware that there was any sort of "obsession," but I doubt seriously there's any view that she's not "fit" to give birth in the Lindo Wing of St Mary's. No one could possibly be so stupid as to believe that. It's worth pointing out, however, that the British may naturally be interested in whether she's going to go private or use an NHS hospital. There was discussion of this before the birth of the Cambridges' first child. Some people feel that it's not appropriate for the royals to go private, that they should be showing support for the NHS. And much will depend on their location. St Mary's wouldn't necessarily be very convenient if they're at Frogmore Cottage. In the end, an emergency could derail their plans. Sophie Wessex's first pregnancy ended prematurely, in a life-threatening placental abruption. She was rushed to the closest NHS hospital, which was not where she had planned to give birth. The Wessexes were so impressed by the care she and the baby received that they chose for their second child to be born there.


No one has said that, the lindo wing of the hospital charges £5,000 a day, they take nyone who has the money!


I don't think these people exist, there is no problem.

Janet S

Don’t be absurd. Of course it will be in a hospital. I thought the address was more in when, not where.


I'd suggest that MOST people could care less. I know I have more important things in my life than being concerned about where the woman will have her kid.


Some may be concerned that her age makes her birth more high risk than Kate's. But surely St. Mary's can handle that.

Leslie J

I don't think anybody in the United Kingdom is obsessed with where the Duchess of Sussex will give birth to her child, should the Sussex's be in residence at Frogmore Cottage there should be no reason why a home birth could not take place, however should there be complications resulting in emergency trip to the nearest NHS Birthing Centre this centre would not be at Frimley Park where the Countess of Wessex had her children, the nearest Birthing Centre to Frogmore is in fact Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, although as the crow flies there is not much difference in distance the road network between Windsor and Slough is far more straightforward than that of Windsor and Camberley. For those in the UK, Frimley Park and Wexham Park are the same hospital trust and both have private wings.


Some people DO think the Royals are Gods, but that's beside the point. Meghan Markle is not royal in any way whatsoever being that she is American. Princess Kate was, albeit dodgily, bestowed with Royal titles before she married Prince William. Perhaps that makes Meghan an "unfit person to give birth in that same hospital". Or maybe it's jist because everyone wants to harass our next little Princex when shklee arrives.


I don't think anyone is obsessed with where Prince Harry's wife gives birth, or that anyone even thinks about it. The same hospital where Kate gave birth to her children is the same hospital where almost all other royal babies have been born. That's probably where Meghan will give birth. Then, she and Prince Harry will come out on the hospital steps and show the baby off to the waiting crowd, which has been the usual practice for at least the last 36 years.


It is expected that she will birth the child via vaginal delivery versus Caesarean delivery at an NHS hospital near Windsor. There is no obsession.