Why is it that Anastasia adaptations they have empress Maria in Paris when she wears the empress of Denmark?


Sir Prince Kenny

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


Paris seems rather more glamorous than Copenhagen, presumably. Marie never actually met any of the pretenders, so I suppose it doesn't matter where they place a fictional meeting. She was not the Empress of Denmark. Denmark doesn't have an empress, for one thing, and for another, while Marie was born a Danish princess, she was merely the aunt of the Danish king who was on the throne at the time she returned to Denmark, not his wife and not the ruler herself.


Maria Fedorovna was a Princess of Denmark (birth name Dagmar), who through marriage became the Tsarina Consort (Dowager at the time of the revolution). Having her exiled to Paris in the fictional portrayals of the Anastasia myth (her remains were correctly identified amongst those discovered in Yekaterinburg) makes it more romantic than having her travel back to Copenhagen via Malta and London.

Baron Clownish

Because one of its legs is both the same.

John P

What are you actually asking? Anastasia was one of the Russian imperial family murdered by communists in 1918.