Alpine X008U the only choice for me?

My current console : PIONEER X8850BT I want to replace with ALPINE X008U and connect X008U to HELIX DSP by optical. Is it worth doing this? Will I feel a lot of improvement? I live in Taiwan and since there is no X009U here so I must get X008U. ALPINE X008U & X009U are about the same in sound quality? Is X008U is still better than all of these alpine in the mid price range The most basic of mine now is the console must have HDMI input and optical output. From the picture as you can see, I always use the surface pro (as the jukebox by the platforms like tidal and moov) via mini DP to HDMI -> X8850BT via RCA-> Helix DSP -> ZAPCO amp. I was also recommended iLX-F309+UTX-A09 or iLX-F309+PXE-0850S but I already got DSP and AMP in my car and hi-res is too early to be pursued and frequency over 14KHz can not be perceived by human. Moreover, it can not be digital between iLX-F309 and UTX-A09/PXE-0850S since iLX has no optical output. Even the iLX s HDMI can be bi-directional meaning in either in or out mode and when the HDMI port is occupied as "out" and HDMI signal is converted into optical in the middle by the little converter before getting into DSP, then my surface pro originally by mini DP to HDMI will have no digital interface to get to the console(iLX). Since the most of the Alpine s mid price range consoles with both HDMI in and optical out are not available in Taiwan, is X008U the only choice for me?

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