If Mexico is going to pay for the wall, why are Americans suffering?



Seems pretty clear that Mexico isn't going to pay for it. The USA might not pay for it either. We'll see.


Trump is holding Americans hostage because he failed to make Mexico pay for the wall. Disgraceful!

Folie a deux

Because Trump lied. He promised Mexico would pay before he discussed it with Mexico. He wasn't smart enough to figure out that they know Trump talks out of both sides of hsi mouth. Now Trump is mad at Dems because HE didn't keep his promise? Maybe he shouldn't make promises he is unable to keep. But apparently that's just fine with cons who support him.

Justin Thyme

Trump can fix the $75,000,000,000 trade deficit with Mexico and use the money to build the wall, just think af what could be built with $75 billion!

John W

there will be no wall


They aren't suffering

Joy thru apathy

Cos it's very very funny