Would you ever go see Car Race in person?

Wondering if I should get tickets for IndyCar or NASCAR Event. Would you ever be caught dead at a Car Race?


I went to the Pocono 500 in 1982 and had a great time. Dominos Pizza was a major sponsor, had an entry in the IndyCar series that year and for several, and I won a trip there in a contest for the top delivery drivers around the country (I did that part-time for four years in the early '80s). Dominos paid for everything, including a meet the driver (Howdy Holmes) on Friday night, a tour of the pits and then watching practice on Saturday from behind the pit wall, a banquet on Saturday night and seats at the start-finish line on Sunday. Rick Mears won. One of the best weekends I ever had. I haven't been to a race since, primarily because that weekend spoiled me. I couldn't afford to duplicate what I got for free, and I knew I'd be disappointed with anything less.


Which racing organization I would choose depends on which track. I generally would rather see Nascar on an oval, and Indycar on a road course. Yes, dead or alive. I have at least 6 t-shirts in my current rotation for races I've been to, Nascar in Texas, F1 in Austin and as a trackside volunteer at GP of Long Beach (Indycar). Also have traveled out of state to see local races.




I'd be happy to be caught alive at a race. I attend at least 3 a year (2 NASCAR, 1 NHRA) and have been going to them for over 25 years.