Babe Ruth, Eddie Robinson Signatures worth?

A relative has had these in the family said their grandpa gave away a lot of money way back when and was given these as a gift one time at a game. If they are authentic how much is approx value. What are the steps to get them authenticated. Can you trust the PSA sending these in the mail to get authenticated? #sports


PSADNA is reliable yes but look at their schedule for shows near you a representative will be at for initial examination and insight.


It's impossible to tell from those pictures exactly what you have. You have blue ballpoint signatures and you have black signatures, which leads me to believe there are two balls, not one. Is that the case? Additionally, right under Ruth you have Gehrig - both Yankees - and I also see DiMaggio, but on that same ball is Dizzy Dean, who was never a Yankee. So you have a mish-mash of signatures. I would need to be able to see who all of the signers are. If there is just ONE non-Hall of Fame name on it, it hurts the value. A ball with all names belonging to the legends of the game, including Ruth, will be worth more than just a single-signed ball (the most desirable) of the Babe. But once it's just an assortment, the value drops. In this case, if both Ruth and Gehrig are genuine, that will help. I can't make out any of those black signatures. The Eddie Robinson concerns me. What ball is that on? I hope it's not on the ball with Ruth. If it is, the Ruth and Gehrig are probably fakes. Robinson was considered a journeyman player and his inclusion on anything besides a team ball won't help the value of anything and may even hurt it, but he wasn't in the majors until 1947. Gehrig died in 1941 and Ruth had only one more year to live. There is NO reason for his signature to be on a ball with Ruth and Gehrig unless someone just went around gathering signatures of players when they met one. If there ARE two different balls and Robinson is on the one with black, I feel better about Ruth and Gehrig. You must buy a subscription to PSA to be able to submit items directly. You can have an authorized PSA dealer submit for you. You would have to ask about pricing for multi-signed items. I don't know how PSA handles that.

Kyle: https there you can read questions about their process. but i've seen their services used many times on various TV shows, notably Pawn Stars that people have it verified themselves already, or they bring in someone on the show with the owner.