How come people are voting for Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens in the hall of fame?

But they aren't including Sammy Sosa or Manny Ramirez? Bonds and Clemens have also been in court proceedings regarding if they lied or not about taking steroids or other drugs during their playing careers, but they still keep getting votes. yet they don't vote in Ramirez or Sosa. I understand that you have a limited number of options, but it still baffles me if writers are going to vote in Bonds or Clemens, but not Sosa or Ramirez.

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I'll give you an answer that ignores steroids completely. First, Clemens is a pitcher and clearly his stats make him warranted of election. Bonds did things that not even the great Babe Ruth could do. So he gets a vote. Sosa was a one trick pony. Homeruns and nothing else. He hit a lot of them, yes, but he really couldn't do anything else. Homeruns are not looked at the same way today. Everyone hits homeruns so his qualifications are diminished. Now for Manny. Remember who votes. It's members of the BBWAA. That's Baseball Writers Association of America. Manny spent his whole career making their lives difficult. They're paying him back. Call it spiteful and it is, but that's how it goes. You reap what you sow.


You will also notice that Bonds and Clemens still have a ways to go to reach that mark for Hall of Fame induction. But if you give me a choice between Bonds and Clemens or Manny and Sosa? I'd pick Bonds and Clemens every time.


Ramirez is easy. He failed tests. Twice. And I guess you didn't notice that none of the court appearances actually concluded with Bonds or Clemens being convicted of anything right? Sosa is a little different, but if you only have 10 spots and voted for 8 others and Bonds and Clemens, then there is no room for Sosa.