I wonder if STRAIGHT EDGE Super Bowl parties today will consist of only pizza and pop...?

"Dude that party was so freaking crazy last night bro, I had like 6 slices of pizza and almost a whole 2 liter of caffeine free Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper!" Well, the joke's on you. When the rest of us look back on our lives we'll be able to reminisce about the great times we've had at a Super Bowl party and some new people we've met. You'll look back and realize you did absolutely nothing. So stop being a self righteous DRAMA QUEEN and grab yourself a beer! I am the inviter not the invitee. I'm hosting BlTCHES.

Alvin Colmes

Whatever floats your boat. LOL


Ohhhhkay... So you rejected an invite to a "boring" party or something?

Atheist Dude



Sounds like someone didn't get invited. Too bad, so sad.