Is the MLB rigged like the NBA and NFL?

*Are the umpires fixing games behind the plate as refs are fixing NBA and NFL through fouls and penalties?

Kyle: Here's the problem with claims like this

Here's the problem with claims like this: If you look hard enough into any sport (even a local little league), you'll find people have an inherent bias that can occasionally alter the outcome. Whenever people find this, they shout "Aha, see, it's rigged!". This is ridiculous. Are there small biases that may or may not slightly affect the outcome of the game? Yes, of course, you can't remove subconscious favoritism. Is there some shady group of people sitting down and plotting the outcome of every season? No, of course not. The MLB is like any other sport. Is there bias? Yes. Is it rigged? No.


No Baseball isn't rigged. Very funny question though!

Tad Dubious

Yes, Cali d, you are absolutely right. ALL major league sports are fixed, and the officials are all in on it and are sworn to secrecy. I don't know how you uncovered this shameful truth; you should be a journalist. Bravo!!!! You da Man!!!!


I do not think so.

18 gibbs 20

In exactly the same way, yes.


of course not.



Abraham Contreras

All sports

Steven S

None are. But there are those out there who will (when their team loses) start yelling about the sport, refs or something about it being rigged.