Now that Roy halladay is going into the hall of fame with a no-logo cap, is it bad or no?

Roy Halladay will be portrayed on his Hall of Fame plaque wearing cap with no team logo on it, the Cooperstown shrine announced on Friday. Halladay, who was killed in a private plane crash in November 2017, played in 12 seasons for the Blue Jays, going 148-76, and four with the Phillies, with whom he pitched a perfect game and a no-hitter, including a no-hitter in the 2010 National League Division Series against the Reds. Shouldn’t he went it as a blue jays ?


I would assume he's said something about this to his family. All indications show that after he retired, he signed a one day contract with the Blue Jays so that he could go into the Hall as a Blue Jay. Perhaps things changed between then and when he passed away.


That's the way his family wanted it. I think most of us think of Halladay as a Jay, and going in without a Toronto hat won't change anything.

Ms. Clones

It doesn't matter what we think, it's up to the player and/or his family.