Should a save be given by discretion of the official scorer rather than a pitcher closing out a game?

I posted on answers that I thought a save should be given to a relief pitcher based on when the offical scorer feels the game was saved. So I thought I would ask this question to see if anyone agrees. Most of the time a game is saved in the middle innings when a middle reliever gets a key out. Then the closer comes in, works the 9th inning and gets the save. But did he really save the game. HTe middle reliever is given a hold but no one cares or notices. It's all based on that save. Example: 5-4 bottom 5th. Lefty pitcher faces back to back lefty hitters with runners on 2nd and 3rd 1 out. lefty pitcher gets both hitters with no run being scored lead stays in tact. Same score 9th inning closer retires side in order. Who shall get the save? to me the lefty pitcher.


In that example, the lefty pitcher is likely to get the win (at the discretion of the scorer). You want him to get the save too? Doesn't sound right to me.


You're either ignorant of or are choosing to ignore the definition of a save - a pitcher entering a game with a lead of four runs or less, and closing out the win. When you have a defined stat, there is no need for the scorer to make a decision, unlike when a starter does not work the minimum required number of innings in a game where they leave with the lead and the lead is never lost. Then, the scorer must decide what reliever gets the W. You can argue about whether or not the save should be a statistical category, but not about how it is decided.


They can just divide the save stat into two stats and create a whole new stat. A rule book save and a scorers save. They seem to like to do that type of stuff with the stats already.