What is the difference between a youth softball bat and a adult softball bat?

I have been looking for a softball bat and I know that they target different ages, but what is the actual difference? I have seen bats by the same brand, same material, same length & drop, and the same name, except it just says youth. The prices are also a lot cheaper (even by a few hundred). Why are they so cheap and can I just get a youth one, even for a 14 year old? Barrel size is also the same


Most likely the bats will span different lengths and weights and there is overlap. While I am not an expert in bats themselves I have played softball for 14 years and in my personal experience I believe that the youth bats will not be as long lasting or have the pop behind them that you will be desiring in higher competition levels with faster pitching, so it would be a better investment to buy an adult bat if you are planning to continue playing for a while and at a higher competition level as long as you aren't expecting huge height or weight changes in the near future that would result in the need for another new bat. My best advice though is to go into stores themselves, especially softball oriented ones and find what they can recommend for you.