Is LeBron James the last remaining loyal player left?

players like Durant ,kyrie irving and Anthony Davis eant to form a suuperteam together with the new yotk knicks. lebron james sticks through with cleveland and got them a ring


Loyal to who or what? Cleveland? Some of his friends? Nothing!!!

Donnie Porko

How is he loyal. He leaves for Miami yo form a super team. Leaves when wade got old. Return to Cleveland because the cavs had Irving. Then leaves the cavs because it doesn’t have a core of good young players. Goes to the lakers because the lakers have a core of good young players and he has a movie career in LA. Klay Thompson says he wants to stay with the warriors for his entire career as long as he keeps getting his max contract. Westbrook could have left the thunders but stuck around even though Durant had left.


i wouldn't exactly call him loyal. kobe was loyal.