Was bill russel the best basketball player of all time?

He has by far the most amount of championships doesn't he


Is he the "best" of all time? Nope. I'd argue that Jordan, Bird, Hakeem, Wilt, etc. are better and more skilled at basketball than Russell. However, is Russell one of the most "accomplished" players of all time? Definitely. But keep in mind, championship wins are relative. Not to discredit him, but his 11 rings are thanks to the weak era that he played in, as well as the Celtic super team that he was in.


No. Bill Russell isn't in my top-10 Robert Horry has more rings than Michael Jordan. Doesn't make him a better player. Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant were teammates for each of their five championships. Doesn't mean that they're equal players


He was the best basketball of all time until Wilt Chamberlain came along.


No he is not, and he has won one more championship than Sam Jones.