What if lebron (23) joined the warriors; Green (23)?

So I’ve been watching a lot of basketball this year. You know how draymond is #23 with the warriors, what would happen if instead of joining the lakers. Lebron joined the warriors. Just hypothetically speaking how would that get resolved with them both being #23


If Lebron goes to golden state Draymond Green would submit his number 😂😂 , Draymond would Cary his bags and let him borrow his girl for the night also. Lol

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!

In most teams in North America, the guy with the existing number is asked to sell the number to the new guy. Amounts vary, but one standard I've heard a few times is the number is how many thousand it costs. So in this case, Lebron would have give his new teammate 23K$ for the jersey number and a few other perks (think fancy dinner, pay for a night out, etc.).


If LeBron does that **** his legacy is tarnished forever