What you think?

Harden shouldn't be mentioned for MVP. Jokic is overrated. LeBron not even top 10 all-time. Curry not top 5 shooter all-time. Paul George shouldn't be mentioned for defensive player of the year. Rockets won't pass first round. Giannis awful 3pt shooter. Kawhi is slow. Kyrie is a bust. KD and cousins are snakes and are weak. Simmons shoots awful and can't defend. Embiid can't block. Drummond can't rebound. Blazers will win west.


I think you are talking out of your a$$.


I disagree with you regarding Harden,Lebron,Curry,PG13 Kahi, KD ,Embiid & the Rockets. I agree with you about Jokic,Simmons & Drummond