Why do Knicks fans and media members think KD is leaving Golden State and going to the Knicks?

Are Knicks fans delusional? Wishful thinking? People think Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving will go to the Knicks this summer. lol. KD couldn't even beat Steph, Klay, and Draymond when he had Westbrook + good players. Now he's supposed to beat the Warriors with Kyrie by his side? Not happening. Kevin Durant + Kyrie is NOT better than the Warriors with Steph, Klay, and Draymond. It isn't better than the Raptors. It isn't better than the Celtics if they get their act together. It isn't better than the Lakers if they pair Lebron and Anthony Davis. NBA fans want to break the Warriors up so bad that they are dreaming up scenarios where KD leaves Golden State. lololol. Doesn't matter what KD does. No one will ever put him in the GOAT conversation. KD is staying in Golden State. Why? Warriors can offer him the most money.


It's called wishful thinking and I am not convinced that he will stay with the GSW.


IF the Warriors win the title (which they probably will), Durant is likely going to leave the Warriors 1) 3 rings in a row... what's left to accomplish? 2) Legacy - Can Durant only win a title by jumping on a 73-win team? 3) The Warriors are Stephen Curry's team - it always has been. Maybe Durant wants to prove he can win a title as the top guy 4) Money. The Warriors are likely going to offer Klay a max contract. They can't afford everybody. Klay is actually more important to the Warriors than Durant All we know is that he won't be going to the Lakers or Thunder. He and Kawhi may end up signing with the Clippers, he might end up in New York with Kyrie, maybe another team, or maybe he'll stay in Golden State. But I think the only way Durant stays with the Warriors is if they don't win the title this year