Floyd Mayweather vs defensive counter-puncher?



Mayweather is a pussy.


The two features (usually) that differentiate a counter-puncher (defensive / offensive) from a classical boxer-puncher is punch-volume and the ability to box from the outside for multiple rounds (if needed). The counter-puncher can throw combinations & work behind a jab...and he can also box you from the outside, BUT he can usually only do it in controlled bursts / round. The classical boxer-puncher can turn into a pure-boxer for some rounds...before he starts to sit down with power and pick you apart. Examples: Juan Manuel Marquez was a counter-puncher. Terence Bud Crawford is a classical boxer-puncher. Crawford doesn't have to wait for you to lead. He has no problems out-boxing you from the outside for some rounds while trying to study your spacing & timing. While Marquez had the ability to also box from the outside, he only did this enough per round to set you up for power counter combinations. Historically, the counter-puncher usually has difficulties with the pure-outside boxer because of his habit of waiting and only using enough outside boxing to set up counters (see the Marquez vs Bradley fight). The classical boxer-puncher is usually VERY bad news for the pure-outside boxer. Therefore, I think that Mayweather Jr. (especially the version that existed at Super Featherweight / Lightweight) gives a counter-puncher problems.