If a boxer is taking too much punishment, can the doctor stop the fight while the boxer is getting punched around?

Or only the referee can do that? What i mean is can the doctor stop the fight while the action is still going on. I dont mean stop the fight during the 1 minute break and i dont mean during a breif medical evaluation. What i mean is suddenly stop the fight while they boxer was getting punched around


So the rules of each bout are different and set by the commission, for instance, a professional fight in the UK would usually be sanctioned by the BBBC, under standard BBBC rules the doctor can stop the fight in the manner you describe. In Las Vegas however, the NSAC set the rules and the standard rules direct that only the referee can stop the fight in the manner you describe. Title fights have unified rules and so then it doesn't matter the location of the fight, the rules are agreed upon by all sanctioning bodies involved, prior to the contest being announced. The answer therefore is it depends on the rules set for each fight.


It varies by state but most states only the referee can stop the fight. However in most cases the ref will take the advice of the ringside physician.


Do you mean the doctor in the fighter's corner? Yes, they can "throw in the towel" to have the fight stopped.




From what I know, I don’t think so. Ultimately I believe that the referee would stop the fight if he felt that one fighter was dominating the other n he wasn’t able to fight back

Pearl L

i would think they would, i think they should too