If you get knocked out the next day if you get into a fight from being knocked out the day before?



No, after being knocked out their is a minimum amount of days before you are allowed to fight again.


Not sure if I understand what you are specifically asking? If you are asking if you are knocked out in training or in a fight can you fight the next day or train the next day. The answer to that is no and if you do a little reading of any state's athletic regulations for amateurs as well as pro fighters you will find that they prohibit a person from fighting and even training for 30 days after being knocked out. This is to prevent repeated head and brain trauma over a short period of time. Studies have shown that to be especially dangerous for fighters or those in training to be fighters which is why every state has those kind of regulations and restrictions. In some states they can even go as far as to force you to go and get an EKG before you legally resume training and fighting after being knocked out.