Is Mike Tyson the most overrated fighter in history?

His biggest wins are a 39 year old Larry Holmes and a light heavyweight Spinks. He also lost to pretty much everyone that mattered in his era (Holyfield & Lewis). Yet there are many fanboys that still have the audacity to say he's the best all time and better than Muhammad Ali.


He wasn't overrated at all. When he first became undisputed champion he beat the best around him at the time, that's all anyone can do. His peak didn't last very long though, and I think he was a very flawed champion. Personally I think Don King contributed a lot to ruining Tyson's career. But no, when he was in his prime in the late eighties he wasn't overrated at all.


Well he's the youngest man to ever capture the heavyweight title and made short work of many opponents. Losses to Holyfield and Lewis isn't embarrassing, they were both fantastic fighters and both undisputed champions and someone has to lose. Having said that, you asked the question of the other responder. Who did he beat? How many great fighters did he beat? So yes, he is overrated but not the most overrated in the history of our sport, Mike did put in work despite his shortcomings.

Fave rave

Definitely not, I think anybody who says Tyson was overrated, clearly knows nothing about boxing. He is a legitimate all time great, legendary hall of fame fighter & arguably one of the most prolific offensive fighters in history.


No. In his prime he could beat most prime heavyweights. After his manager died he went downhill fast. He stopped training and working on defense. He was partying with Japanese hookers all week before the Buster Douglas fight. Buster Douglas was an underachiever. He had potential to be a great fighter but never wanted to train. But his mother died before the Tyson fight and he trained like crazy and fought a perfect fight against a Tyson who looked asleep during the figjt.

Cali d

I agree with Fave. When people say this, they usually don't like Mike Tyson or like another fighter better. I'll just leave you with this. We never saw Tyson fight between 26-29 years old. Tyson didn't train for Buster (and he knocked him out first). Tyson came out of prison and fought roided out Holyfield too soon. He was winning rematch against Holyfield before the ear bite. Against Lewis, Tyson was 251 LBS! About 18-25 lbs heavier than his fight weight and was past his prime. It's not as black and white as you put it.


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