What is wrong with Adrien Broner?! What was THAT? WTF?

. Pacquiao's performance was pretty similar to how he looked when he fought Chris Algeri, and even at 40 he's got plenty left, even if he's not quite the same as "Prime Pacquiao." However, as far as Adrien Broner... WHAT WAS THAT?! I KNOW Broner has ALWAYS struggled to let his hands go, but 7-8 punches landed per round?!?!?! Even for Broner?! WTF?!?!?! I have seen fighters RUN before, but NEVER have I seen a fighter RUN like that! I mean Broner was acting like Pacquiao was swinging a knife at him! It was the most cowardly performance I have ever seen! Also, what fight were the judges watching?!?!?! TWO JUDGES GAVE BRONER FOUR ROUNDS?!?!?! It's like they were trying to rob Pacquiao, but it got SO RIDICULOUS that they backed out! If you want to be excessively generous two Broner there were exactly TWO rounds... that you defensibly MIGHT have been able to GIFT him (the 4th and 10th), but HONESTLY... I DO NOT THINK HE DESERVED EVEN THAT!!! I saw it as a a shut-out 120-108! Broner just did a little better than he had been doing in the 4th and 10th, but not enough to win the rounds when Pacquiao was the aggressor, and the ONLY ONE FIGHTING!!! Then there was Adrien Broner's delusional behavior following his cowardly performance! I mean, seriously?!?!?! Is he psychotic?! IDK?! My GF's mom who watched the fight asked me if they give points for running away! Broner was hurt a few times, was it Pac's power that had him fighting like that?! I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts!

Sports MD

Broner seemed to be bothered by the power of Manny pacquiao. I'm starting to feel that he can't take a punch from a guy his size which is why he never let his hands ago. He just run and shell up if he's threatened. That is why he know how to survive without getting clipped because he fight off instinct.

The Ghost Hunter

Adrien Broner is Dumb, Arrogant, Delusional and much more. He's definitely Stupid idiot. He's Outschooled by Manny Pacquiao big time. He's not been the same person since He lost to the man when Floyd Mayweather return from his retirement or Prison. He got Knockdown twice as well. His arrogance is the problem. He also believe that, He won the fight. He also talked way too much. He never back it up. He also need to understand that, He's not Floyd Mayweather. Now The Judges always costing Manny in his fights. Manny always getting robbed by the judges. Someone are paying the judges.


Adrien Broner embarrassed himself. This was somewhat similar to when Lovemore N'dou lost a decision to Miguel Cotto (in which he basically lost every round) and then after the fight he claimed robbery. But at least, N'dou was somewhat polite when he said it or acted a bit more professional than Broner did. Anyways, Broner's probably trying to do some damage control so he can land one more big paycheck type of fight. I honestly don't know against who though. He made $2.5 mil against Pac and that's his biggest payday. FYI, Ricardo Mayorga made that money fighting Shane Mosley when both fighters were washed up.


Broner if anything was just looking to survive. He didn’t fight with the heart of a champion. He was looking for counters. Now it could be argued that he trash talks to help market his fights but he seems to trash talk after too. His fight with Pauline Malinaggi comes to mind. Pacquiao proved he’s an elite fighter even at the age of 40 despite fighting someone who should be well into their prime. Of course the Pacquiao that fought the other night was nothing compared to the Pacquiao that beat the likes of de la Hoya n Hatton back in the day but he still had enough to beat someone much younger


Broner tryin to be like Floyd but he is no where near Floyd’s league.


Hes black what do you expect?