Which Boxer hit harder, was a much harder hitter, punched the hardest? George Foreman or Ernie Shavers?

I ask this because, in interviews, Evander Holyfield says that George Foreman hit him harder than anyone else, and Ernie Shavers is often considered the hardest puncher, hitter, according to Wikipedia, and that Muhammad Ali's fight with Ernie Shavers, was most likely the fight that contributed to him developing Parkinson's


Earnie Shavers I'd say because his punch was quicker, you could see Foremans punch coming a mile away but if he connected you would feel it


With on punch Shavers without a doubt. But with Foreman every punch was hard. His jab knocked people backwards. His wide punches and uppercut were devastating. Every punch was brutal.


I have to say that an Ernie Shavers power punch (especially his right hook) was more dynamic than George Foreman's power punches. Specifically because Shavers put more rotational torque (hips) into his power punches, while Foreman used more straight punches, short uppercuts, and less rotational hooks to deliver power. The thing is that Foreman's torso was extraordinarily strong. He had less flexibility, but his heavy power meant that he could obliterate you with a short right cross. While Shavers could destroy you like TNT or Nitroglycerin, Foreman could crush you like a steel wrecking ball. So the answer once again, is Shavers at an instance. Parkinsonian disorders are primarily involved with the cerebellum (which controls & communicates with the motor and peripheral nerves). The punches that Ali took to his body and arms (aside from his head) versus Joe Frazier, Ken Norton Sr., and George Foreman probably did MUCH greater damage over time than the individual fight punishment that Shavers dished out on him.


Ali Parkinson's? was her three fights against Joe Frazier