Why is it there are so many "tests" in cricket yet they never play the actual thing?



Try making sense.


Don't understand what you are trying to ask here. If you are taking a dig at Test Cricket not being played so often then you also need to see how things have shaped up over the years. From ODIs now the crowds are shifting momentum to T20s and T20 leagues around the world are popping up every now and then. Despite this pressure from the two formats , and the fact that playing a match for 5 days is almost unimaginable in the modern times if you start a new sport; Test Cricket has not only survived but also getting the attention that it deserves. The cricket fraternity still takes Test Cricket as the most serious format as compared to the other two. Maybe your question *** comment is more directed at the style of play that has evolved over the years. That is greatly influenced by the shorter formats and in this case you maybe right that the cricketers play Test cricket very differently from what used to be the approach in the past. But there is a positive side to it. We are seeing results almost every other Test Match as compared to the past where every other Test Match was a draw. The matches have become more exciting and draw attention despite being such a long format. It certainly is a test of a user's attention span but they have been keeping up with it.


Test is a format of cricket. Generally regarded as the highest form of the game.