Have anyone still gone cycling outside in this recent polar vortex ?

if your from the midwest states in -20 f outside and how you stay warm


Temps haven't dropped to -20 f in St. Louis - unless you also factor in the windchill. You ride in relative comfort the same way a person skiing in the Rockies would, by dressing appropriately for the existing conditions. A person needs to start with a good base layer and go from there. Layering is the key. And a damn good balaclava to keep your head warm. https://www.pearlizumi.com/US/en/Shop/Ride/Road/Men's/Essentials/headwear/Barrier_Balaclava/p/14361605021 I own a winter coat specifically designed for cycling from Aero Tech Designs - https://www.aerotechdesigns.com/tall-man-windproof-thermal-soft-shell-cycling-jacket.html And lobster gloves from Bontrager (a division of Trek) so warm, if the temp reaches around + 25 degrees with sunshine, my hands start to sweat! 😲


There’s nothing that special about winter cycling compared to other winter activities. I have no problem riding in any temperature I’d otherwise ski or skate in. I stay warm cycling just as I stay warm during whatever else I’d do outside in winter, by dressing appropriately and adjusting clothing to fit exertion level to avoid sweating.