How beneficial is biking?

Biking to and from work each day - about 15 minutes each way at a moderate pace (30 minutes total, 4 times a week, plus occasional leisure biking) What health benefits does this give?

David D.

The health benefits of regular cycling include: • increased cardiovascular fitness • increased muscle strength and flexibility • improved joint mobility • decreased stress levels • improved posture and coordination • strengthened bones • decreased body fat levels • prevention or management of disease • reduced anxiety and depression.


It’s a big fat burner & it’s better on your knees than running.


David D provides an excellent answer. However, two 15 minute rides per day will not provide huge health benefits. Since it takes about that long to properly warm up, by the time you arrive at work your body has not had enough riding time to get going. Perhaps taking a longer route to or from work would provide more of a health benefit for you, say about a 45 minute ride which provide you a good 30 minutes of aerobic activity after your body has warmed up.


Causes a major improvement to stamina and cardio, also is a great form of exercise for the legs and lungs.


It would be a good idea to find a slightly longer (and maybe more enjoyable) route to work so you get a little longer ride. You're already dressed and prepared for it, why not take the scenic route and get more physical benefit?


It’s great cardio to lose fat, improve heart and lung health, increase stamina


It good cardio workout and save gas money and have fun riding


30 minutes excercise every day is very beneficial.


Saves allot of money not using a vehicle that breaks down.




Not so much. I tried it for a few days but the brakes never worked, ended up skidding into a car at an intersection, twisted my leg to buggary. Stay away


Can exercise


To many people get hit with cars