How do foot bike peddlers help?



The only way a bike would have a "peddler" is if the rider was some sort of traveling salesperson. To "peddle" is to sell a product, idea or service. An infomercial on TV "peddles" (or sells) products. A door-to-door salesperson might "peddle" magazine subscriptions. The girl in the illustration below "peddles" her flowers which have petals. Bicycles have PEDALS. I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I'm a Grammar Patriot.


Errrrr what? This makes no sense, maybe try again with help from someone with significantly better written English skills.


they provide foot bikes so pedestrians can ride instead.


Seems English isn't your native language. Get an interpreter to help you post a question that actually makes sense.


The fellow pedalphiles here (lovers of bike pedals) will have some great answers and no doubt torrents of sarcasm, abuse, ridiculous memes (that they didn't create but stole off others), and general smugness, not to mention unnecessary homophobia, AND casual racism/anti Semitism (thanks D50). JERRY: tick to sarcasm, abuse and smugness. HIPPIE, tick to: Meme/image (he didn't create), sarcasm. PMT: tick: general smugness