I painted over some bicycle symbols on a road lane?

near my house as I din't want to encourage them passed my house. A cyclist rode passed and was quite abusive . I haven't heard that language since I was married. Should I expect a down turn in bicycle traffic now? I am a 53 yold woman so am concerned about repocussions What if it is paint that accidentially tipped over. No proof It was done delberatley, yes?


no but you can expact a visit from the traffic authorities for defacing safety signs That will be accompied by a summons to appear in court You have to realize that the signs are there for cycle safety and you have no legal right to remove or cover them In point of law , because you have used un authorized paint , if a cycle loose traction and is injured from that painted surface , you by virtue of public comment on yahoo can be held liable for the injuries suffered by your actions The road way is public domain and you are not allowed to alter the surface fore any selfish reason

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What you did is against the law. Nice of you to confess like this in a forum that traces your IP address so the police know who to arrest. If one of them were to get hurt they could probably sue you. So you'd go to jail and lose everything.


I hope they arrest you for defacing city property


you have broken the law by defacing or altering valid legal lane markers


If you stop being a troll, you wouldn’t have to live under a bridge. Then you could move somewhere quieter where people don’t pass right outside your ”house” all the time.


"I am a 53 yold woman" More likely a 13 year old boy.


Are you trolling and do not paint


You haven't noticed that cyclists "never" ride in the bike lane, they're always riding in front of your car, going too slow and giving you the finger? Why would you think that removing bike lane symbols will keep them away? These people are devious and will find every way to slow you down and make your life miserable.

Emma Coygne

Sounds fair enough. You are doing your bit for the community.