I want a peloton bike so bad but it’s so expensive?



The main diff between a Peloton and any other stationary bike is the advertising budget. If spending a lot of money on a piece of exercise equipment [that you probably won't use anyway] is the thing that will make you happy, why not do it?

Chris Ancor

Is it? I see.


Buy a Wahoo Kickr for $350, put your bike or even a BSO on it, get a bluetooth dongle for your computer, and a subscription to Zwift for $15/month.


You could go to a reputable bicycle shop and buy a bicycle that'll actually take you somewhere for about half the price as that stationary bike.

L. E. Gant

It's not that different from any other stationary exercise bike


There is no type of bicycle specificaly intended for riding in pelotons, but most people going in for that sort of riding use sports or llight touring machines.


Steal it, you blasted millennial.