Is 10 miles in 32 minutes good for a bike ride?

I just got an exercise bike and I did 10 miles in 32 minutes really pushing myself. I wanted to know if this is good for someone who’s just starting to get into fitness. I’m a 16 year old 6’2 170 pound male.


When you say "exercise bike" - do you mean some type of indoor spin bike or bike mounted on an indoor trainer? Or do you mean a REAL bicycle ridden outdoors? 10 miles in 32 minutes works out to be an 18.75 mph average. And that would be an unbelievable number for someone "who’s just starting to get into fitness" on a bike ridden OUTSIDE. On an indoor spin bike or bike trainer...just about anyone could equal or surpass that figure. Even me...and I'm OLD living inside an arthritic body. An indoor bike can somewhat replicate but not even come close to duplicating a ride outside. Why? There's NO wind, NO wind resistance, NO hills, NO traffic, NO stop signs and/or traffic lights. what resistance setting was the indoor bike on? On an easy setting, anyone can go 10 miles in 32 minutes - or faster & further. Think wind resistance doesn't matter? Think again. Once a rider gets up to around 12 mph, for every one mph gained - it takes about FOUR times as much energy. This is just one reason why a person on a road bike is usually faster than on a comfort bike or a hybrid bike...aerodynamics! If, by chance I'm wrong & this is an outdoor type bike, get yourself a basic wired bicycle computer! $25 and it ships for FREE! It will tell you Current speed, Maximum speed, Average speed, Trip distance, Total distance,Elapsed time and a digital Clock. See the pic below from Strava? This is what this old man did yesterday outside with temps hovering around 35 to 40 degrees. 22.1 miles at a 13.6 mph average. I'm not trying to discourage you. But if there's no rain or ice or snow...go ride OUTSIDE. You'll get a much stronger workout. 💪


Exercise bikes don't go anywhere. All you can say is that you exercised for 32 minutes. Without knowing the resistance level, watts and average heartbeat during that effort it simply is impossible to know how hard you worked. You didn't do 10 miles, you pedalled for 32 minutes


If that were on an actual bicycle it would be pretty good. On an exercise bike there's no way to tell.

David D.

As pointed out, just what do you mean by 'exercise bike'? 10 miles in 32 minutes on a bike ridden outside for a newbie is quite unbelievable. 10 miles in 32 minutes on an indoor bike of some kind is a piece of cake. On a low resistance setting, my grandma could do that. Indoor bikes go nowhere. Also as pointed out, if this was on a bike ridden outside, a simple bike computer will track just about everything you do. Here's a discontinued CatEye Velo 5 for only $23.98. Nothing wrong with it. Just newer models are now on the market.

Jib Jab

Unless it's on something like Strava or Gamin that shows a map, you went zero miles. You did a low-impact aerobic exercise for 32 minutes. I hate to give you the bad news, but a brisk 32 minute walk would've burned more calories & been a better workout. You'll soon find out indoor exercise bikes become boring. And fast too.


Decent but on a indoor spin bicycle the two measurements aren't the same type of workout Indoor cycling - No wind , No terrain , Different resistance , No traffic , No weight resistance Outdoor cycling - Your in the real world but a better workout Both are good excercises but go to the local bike shop and enjoy


On an exercise bike, distance and speed are meaningless because the resistance bears no relationship with actual riding. For indoor riding, what matters are heart rate and time, and if it's available, wattage.


It's good without climbing hills, stopping at traffic signals, pedestrians stepping on paths, and other things to slow you down. I use to get 5 miles on the road in less than 20 minutes.

bob v

That's 18.75 mph average! Pretty good! I can ride 10 miles pretty easily but it takes me almost an hour.