Purchased a bicycle. Can it be assembled by Walmart?



🤣 🤣 🤣 Roll on floor laughing my @ss off. Wally World can NOT assemble their own bikes correctly. What makes you think they'd assemble yours any better? In a news article dated Thursday, Dec 13, 2018, "Three of the four bikes failed the mechanic's examination, based on the way they were assembled." http://www.bikeroar.com/articles/big-box-store-bought-bikes-fail-basic-safety-checks You want it done right? Take it to a REAL bicycle shop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX0V5CbD2og


Assembled, yes. Assembled correctly, dubious.


Why anyone would trust Walmart to correctly assemble a bicycle is beyond me. Inexpensive bicycles are the most difficult to assemble properly. Factory quality control is spotty, and components are cheap. I worked for many years in bike shops, and the bikes that were the hardest to put together were the least expensive ones. Leaving bike assembly to a minimum wage untrained worker in a Walmart pretty much ensures the shortest lifespan and the most problems for your bicycle. Money spent on having the bike built up by a good mechanic will save many times as much as you might spend down the lineI I have worked in bike shops and bike distributors on and off over 30 years. Trusting bike assembly to an underpaid department store employee who doesn't have the proper tools to put a bike together sounds like a very poor plan to me


I once had a neighbor whose front rim kept scrubbing up against his brake pads. He'd purchased an assembled bicycle from Wal-Mart. After looking at his bike and spinning the front wheel it was obvious the rim wasn't true. I told him what the problem was to which his response was "It's a brand new bike". I told him it's a department store bicycle assembled by minimum wage employees not by a bicycle mechanic. I charged a small fee to true his rim on my truing stand. Take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop to be assembled.


Wal-Mart won't have anyone on staff that's trained to assemble bikes, although they might stick a clerk on the job for you. It's equally probably that they'll tell you they can have their assembly guy do it when he makes his rounds. Free bike assembly isn't worth the money you pay for it.


ONLY IF BUYING FROM WALMART. Or similar department store. (bike sales and no services/repairs) NOTE: Department stores have low quality bikes and LOWER standards of assembling them. Go to a bicycle shop and have them do job. Expect $60-100 depending on ease of assembly. Lower quality bikes are more costly to assemble. (even more costly if improperly assembled, like WALMART, and other department stores)


If you bought it there, they may well have someone to assemble it. If not, look for a local bicycle store since they do that sort of thing all the time.


Yes mines was